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Grumps location strategy targets central Abilene

Nov 8, 2019
Grumps location strategy targets central Abilene

Erik Johnson, Broker for Paul Johnson & Associates represented Grump's in the purchase of the former Pizza Inn on North 1st across from McDonald's. The improvements needed quite a bit of work to bring it back to usable condition. The owner called our office earlier in the year needing a location for a new restaurant that would be an expansion of a small family owned chain. We looked city wide for the best location and the owner, Collier Allbright made the decision to target central Abilene in order to serve the entire city. Strategically and economically both influences led to making an offer on the property. This area is considered C or D level retail from our perspective, whereas A and B areas include the Mall, Shops of Abilene, and the Hwy 351 corridor at IH20.

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