Real Estate News

  • Austin Office Vacancies Up

    Fortunately the Abilene office sector has been stable. I have seen more activity in the Industrial and Office markets than Retail or Multi Family. The A Class office spaces are saturated and there is no new construction. Many companies and… view more
  • San Antonio - Retail Rents Fall

    In Abilene we are still spread between $10 - $15 p/s/f p/yr for B, B+ space and $13 - $18 for A, A+ space. There are some vacancies to be filled in most of the shopping centers and opportunities are… view more
  • Wichita Falls - 243 Acres Annexed

    Part of the area was the former Saint-Gobain plant property.- Erik Johnson243 ACRES ANNEXEDWICHITA FALLS (Times Record News) - The city council voted Tuesday to annex 243 acres effective next month.The annexation addresses land generally east of Allendale Rd. and… view more
  • Charter Schools: Investment Tool

    I recently had a request for a Buyer looking to purchase Charter Schools. Apparently there is a market for the privately owned public schools. Interesting to see how the investment horizon changes from year to year.- Erik JohnsonGATES FOUNDATION OPENS… view more
  • The Texas Deer Lease

    There is also a podcast if you go to the RECON link below. Interesting info about Trespassing in Texas, the fence its self is a NO TRESPASSING sign. Also, crops grown for human consumption are NO TRESPASSING or a Puple… view more