Negotiated a Long-term Lease for Coca-Cola

Negotiated a Long-term Lease for Coca-Cola

Agent: Paul Johnson

Property: 1000 East I-20, Abilene 274,507 square feet space

Parties: Hackman Capital, Coca-Cola (Robert Farrar)

Goal: Get Coca Cola to extend lease as opposed to building a new facility. Rarely does Coca Cola do a long term lease or extension today. This was an important decision that would have major consequences. It took over six months of negotiation. By achieving this, it gave the landlord’s property an excellent holding and gave the tenant a first class facility.

Obstacles overcome: New construction, reskinning entire 830,000 square foot facility. Creating completely new parking areas, reroofing entire facility and redo dock system.

Final result: Long term ten year lease with major international credit . Tenant created a valuable property for landlord’s holdings.